The best boardup company in Chicago

Numerous situations call for the assistance of professional emergency board up services Chicago. Many issues might arise if your house is damaged, say, by a hurricane. Property owners who have had items vandalized face serious risk. Following a car collision with your house or place of business, you may need board up services. This occurs often when a car crashes into a garage or the side of a building.


It is essential to have a reliable board up company Chicago available in these instances to avoid any more harm. Without proper board up, you may have to deal with pests and animals finding entry points into your home via gaps and holes.

Load-bearing walls and other critical structural components are another consideration for bigger losses. Without any kind of protection for the remainder of the building, the costs might quickly add up. Even after the original damage has been done, board up services Chicago may protect your property from further flooding and storm damage.


After the roof caved in, in the previous image the ceiling was backed up with a board. This kept the building from falling apart and stopped additional weather damage. At McKinley, we have a crew available around the clock to put up a board as soon as possible after your loss. Getting the damaged property boarded up as soon as possible is crucial. Contact McKinley at (773) 985-7000 if you have any more inquiries.