The Basics of Composite Decking

Composite decking is created by combining wood fibers with plastic. Variations between brands include the proportion of wood and plastic. One common type of composite decking combines polypropylene or polyethylene plastic with wood fibers, creating a material that is more robust and more resilient than 100% plastic decking.

The composite decking fiberon Chicago is more durable than wood, has a longer life span, requires no staining and sealing every couple years, and needs minimal maintenance. Maintenance for composite decking is simple: remove debris with a broom or leaf blower and spot clean with soapy water and a nylon bristle brush. Also, composite decking is invulnerable to insects, rot, and mildew, and it doesn’t splinter.

Now that you have a better idea of what composite decking is, you might like to consider it as an option for your next deck. If you have any questions about it or would like to learn more about the advantages of composite decking, don’t hesitate to contact our composite decking Chicago contractors.