Professional solar panel installation in Chicago

Solar Werks LLC., is a premier solar panel installation Chicago company, provides custom solar energy system Chicago design and installation for residential and commercial clients. Electricity may be generated from the sun using solar panels. To reduce their reliance on the power company while still benefiting from the solar energy system Chicago, many commercial and residential properties are installing photovoltaic panels. Connecting a solar array to the utility grid allows the homeowner to “spin back the electric meter,” or balance the property’s energy use with the grid as needed or when extra power is produced.

For grid-tied systems, we typically recommend that clients scale their solar panel installation Chicago; based on the amount of power they use during their normal load months, which for Chicago houses are typically March and April. The typical outcome of this approach is a system capable of providing power for between sixty percent and seventy percent of the typical yearly electrical needs of the property. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling an evaluation, please get in touch with us.