What Type of Masonry Is Preferable, Brick or Stone?

If you’re looking for a material that will last and look great for years to come, masonry materials like brick and stone are hard to beat. These materials have been widely used for tuckpointing Chicago by the building industry because of their strength, durability, and ease of use.




Clay and shale are the main ingredients in bricks. They are available in a variety of standard block sizes that provide both creative freedom and consistency. They can withstand high temperatures without catching fire and are also reasonably priced.




Stone is extracted from mines and has high heat resistance. It’s versatile enough to be sculpted into interesting forms and arranged creatively. Additionally, the stone is resilient and can even withstand hail.


Thoughts to Keep in Mind


Although both stone and brick are long-lasting, the stone is the strongest of the two. Brick, however, is more affordable than stone. Both are impervious to storms, extreme heat, and cold.


What Regarding Repairs?


Stone and brick masonry exteriors may need maintenance over time. To keep moisture out and keep the wall solid, the crumbling mortar and lintel must undergo masonry lintel repair Chicago.


You Get to Decide


Whether you choose brick or stone is ultimately a question of preference. Both stone and wood have been used for decades because of their durability and adaptability.